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Wild Felid Advocacy Center of Washington
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Shelton, WA  98584
Phone:  (360) 427-4466
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Safe Haven

Safe Haven
The Wild Felid Advocacy
Center of Washington
run by a volunteer Board of
Directors and has an active
Volunteer Program
to assist in most phases of
our operation.  
There is no
paid staff.
WFAC is all "about"
the wild cats!
Scottish Wildcat
Scottish Wildcat
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How We Began
Red Bobcat
To provide SAFE HAVEN for any wild cat finding itself in need.

To provide EDUCATION for the proper care of wild cats in
captivity.  To provide public education relating to wild cats in
captivity and in their natural habitats worldwide.

To monitor and assist in wild cat CONSERVATION efforts

To assist in ANIMAL WELFARE issues.
Like most facilities such as the Wild Felid Advocacy Center, it started with one
animal.  In our case it was a bobcat name "Demetreus" who came to live with us
in 1971.  Being a cat lover, I had a passion to share my life with a bobcat.  When
he arrived he was a six week old kitten on a bottle.  Over the years he taught me
many things about what it means to be a bobcat and what he needed to be
healthy and happy.

Many other wild felines (from lions down to tiny Gordon's Cats) found a home
with us when their previous home (private owner, facility or zoo) needed to place
them.  Our passion for each ones' dignity gave me no choice!

It is no different today.  Each wild cat is special and has a need for a safe and
comfortable place to live out its life peacefully.  Contrary to common belief,
captive wild cats can NOT be released into the wild.  They are not psychologically
or physically equipped to survive in that setting.

At the Wild Felid Advocacy Center each wild cat serves as an ambassador for its
wild cousins and provides valuable education that enables all wild cats their
rightful place in this world.                                
Shelleen Mathews, Director

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