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wild cat conservation program to help raise awareness for.
Our Conservation Pick
Less than 400 Scottish Wild
Cats exist today!

Their survival is in our
hands and they need us to
help them
How many more summers and winters will this
'HIGHLAND TIGER' grace the cairns of Scotland?
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the Scottish Wild Cat
The first Scottish Wildcats arrived in Britain at the end of the last Ice Age, over
9000 years ago, after being isolated from their cousins, the European Wild Cats.  
Considered a sub-species, the Scottish Wildcat is larger and more heavily
camouflaged than its European counterpart, although both have been subject to
the same persecution.  In Victorian times, wildcats were hunted so prolifically they
were completely eradicated from both England and Wales.

They are now found only in the remote parts of The Highlands, in North West
Scotland.  Here, due to increase in human population and the resulting
deforestation, the Scottish Wild Cat has been forced to seek out new territory.
With males weighing in at 6-8kg,
the Scottish Wildcat is around 50%
larger than the average domestic

Scottish Wildcats feed mainly on
rabbits, rodents, birds and hares.
Britain's Rarest Animal
Felis sylvestris grampia
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