The Center also provides safe haven for turtles, tortoises and many amphibians.   We are frequently asked to take in other species but we prefer to specialize and concentrate on the wild
cat species and their hybrids.  We assist in placement of other species at reputable and knowledgeable facilities.
To provide SAFE HAVEN for any wild cat finding itself in need.

To provide
EDUCATION for the proper care of wild cats in captivity and to provide public education relating to wild cats in captivity and in their natural habitats worldwide.

To monitor and assist in wild cat
CONSERVATION efforts worldwide.

To assist in
All photos and text found in this site are property of the Wild Felid Advocacy Center
of Washington.  
No reproduction may be made without express approval.
The Wild Felid Advocacy Center of Washington is a 501(c)3 non-profit run by a volunteer Board of Directors and has an active Volunteer Program to assist in most phases of our operation.  
There is no paid staff.   We receive no State or Federal funding and rely on the kind donations of the public and businesses who value our mission.  Our operating budget is roughly
$50,000.00 per year.

We are licensed and inspected regularly by the US Department of Agriculture under its Animal Welfare Act.
"SID"  Washington Coastal Red Bobcat
Wild Felid Advocacy Center
(360) 427 - 4466
"DIVA"   Bobcat in her hammock
"MOUSE"  Geoffroy's Cat
Our Mission
General Information
The Wild Felid Advocacy Center of Washington was founded and incorporated by Mark & Shelleen Mathews in 2006.  Shelleen began her work with wild cats in 1971.
"LUCILLE"  Canada Lynx
"SURI"  Bengal Tiger
Dart Frog
Fire-Bellied Toad
Red-Earred Slider