Snowmaggedon 2019


Washington state always has unpredictable weather, but this February was particularly mercurial. First freezing rain coated everything, then snow started falling continuously for hours, until more than two feet was piled on top of the sanctuary. The following days, snow continued to fall off and on, adding more weight to the pile. Washington gets lots of snow but, it usually stays in the mountains and rarely falls in the lowlands.

Although the snow was beautiful, it caused around $50,000 of damage to habitats and structures. Trees branches fell on roofs, the snow became too heavy to support tops, and trees came down on fencing. Although it was scary, stressful, and exhausting, we were and continue to be grateful that no cats were lost or even injured.

A BIG THANK YOU to all volunteers, extra helpers, Builders FirstSource, Fat Cat Fish, and Sean Kinney!